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The reconciliation of family and working life is not only one of the most pressing issues in Austrian family policy, it also remains a central topic for employed parents and employers alike. More and more stakeholders recognize the importance of finding more effective solutions and ways to support employees and employers faced with this issue.

In 2006 the Familie & Beruf Management GmbH was established by law to coordinate and facilitate family-friendly measures taken on a national level. The Familie & Beruf Management GmbH is a non-profit state-owned enterprise, which means the Republic of Austria, in this case represented by the Minister of Family Affairs, owns 100 percent of the company. Its main services are certification processes helping companies, universities and communities to evaluate and implement family-friendly measures in order to create and promote a more family-oriented work and life environment. In 2017, the Familie & Beruf Management GmbH established a comprehensive online presence, relaunching its website and launching profiles on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as starting a monthly newsletter (reaching around 1.500 recipients). With these online tools the company reaches an audience of about 180.000 users.

The website has had more than 64.000 visits in 2017.

Services offered by the Familie & Beruf Management GmbH

  • 1Certification workandfamily

  • 2Certification universityandfamily

  • 3Certification familyfriendlycommunity

  • 4Unternehmen für Familien

  • 5Staatspreis "Familie & Beruf"